A Course on How to become a successful Motivational Speaker…

In Motivational Speaker Certificate Course you will learn important principles and practical step-by-step techniques for motivational speaking and getting started in a career as a professional motivational speaker.

Success is where positive mindset, preparation and righteous actions meet together.

As a motivational speaker you will earn applause and admiration, plus up to thousands of dollars every time you speak. If you start your own speaking business you can enjoy the freedom of being your own boss.

Speaking opportunities for motivational speakers include: 

  • Adult education classes,
  • Conferences and conventions, college events,
  • Corporate training programs, cruise ships,
  • Government agencies, non-profit
  • Organizations, schools, seminar companies, or
  • Trade shows.

Throughout history, great speakers have touched the lives of millions of people. Today, in schools around the world, motivational speakers inspire students to stay in school, say no to drugs, become leaders, and prepare for life after graduation.

  • Understand the Why of Motivational Speaking
  • Learn 4 methods of Speech Delivery
  • Learn the tools and techniques of NLP and how to use them
  • Master 6 Steps involved in Content Making
  • Learn how to grow your business online
  • Deliver 1 successful Motivational Session

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  • Session on Parenting


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